The Raptors

We are closed for the months of January and February, and will be re-opening early March 2017.

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cropped-untitled-91.jpgRaptors have awed humans for thousands of years and it’s easy to understand why – their ferocity, beauty, power, intelligence, and ability to live high above our heads captivates our imagination and triggers curiosity.

12_largeOur mission statement is to raise awareness for birds of prey and promote conservation. We work with amazing birds of prey to achieve this. We are a group of biologists and falconers who strive to bring out the best in our birds, letting them soar the skies and living enriched and full-filling lives. The connection and experience of working with these birds is so powerful and so profound, that we want to share it with everyone. As such, we provide two main services that encompass our values and passion for wildlife; educational programs (at our visitor centres and other sites) and wildlife management.


Our educational programs are provided at our visitor centre in Duncan, as well as a variety of other sites where we offer flying demonstrations to showcase the superlative skill of raptors, and bring people closer to nature. The more we can share information about wildlife and nature, the more it will inspire people to protect it. We also offer amazing interactive and hands-on experiences working with hawks, owls, falcons and more.

2009-04-14_0320-EditOur innovative wildlife management programs offer a highly effective solution for airports, industrial sites (like landfills, mills, buildings, etc.) and agricultural sites. With our fantastic birds, we can help clear areas of problem species like gulls, starlings, geese, and many others. This applied falconry combined with our team of specialized biologists and wildlife management experts creates unique and effective solutions to wildlife issues. For more information, check our wildlife management page.