Welcome to The Raptors:
Vancouver Island’s Bird Of Prey Attraction


We are open daily 12-3pm 

Flying Demonstration at 1:30pm 

The Raptors is Vancouver Island’s premier Flying Birds of Prey attraction! Located in Duncan in the Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island in beautiful British Columbia, Canada.  The Raptors is a widely respected and favourite family attraction featuring a landscaped discovery centre where you can get up close with raptors as you wander through the forested trails and experience flight demonstrations focused on the beauty of raptors in flight, their prowess and their importance in the eco chain.

Please watch this video (made by the Vancouver Aquarium, where we conducted flying demos in 2009 & 2011) to understand a little more about what we do:

Birds of Prey in Flight

Raptors have awed humans for thousands of years and it’s easy to understand why – their ferocity, beauty, power, intelligence, and ability to live high above our heads captivates our imagination and triggers curiosity.  For many, visiting this wildlife attraction in Duncan marks their first close encounter with these incredible birds, but often not their last.  Birding enthusiasts and curious visitors of all ages return time and again to get up close, have a hands-on experience, and witness these amazing birds of prey as they demonstrate their flying skills and fascinating personalities.

The Raptors on Vancouver Island offers a compelling interactive front row seat to watch these predators of the sky and mother nature’s true athletes teach us about their world and how we all benefit when they thrive and survive. So, if you are looking for a wildlife adventure and “things to do” in the Cowichan Valley near Victoria on Vancouver Island please visit us at The Raptors and discover eagles, hawks, owls, falcons and vultures through flight demonstrations, personal interaction activities, educational courses, and more.

Take a hawk walk or an owl prowl, learn how to work with the birds in a day class or in a comprehensive course. Give your kids the thrill of a lifetime when you enrol them in one of our week long summer camps. Because raptors play such a pivotal role in our environment and the earth’s ecosystems, it’s our responsibility to protect them for future generations and the world we all share.

No matter which way you choose to meet the magnificent birds of prey at The Raptors in Duncan located in the Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island  (just 60 minutes north of Victoria and 40 minutes south of Nanaimo) we’re certain you’ll enjoy this up close and personal experience.

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